autismQED is dedicated to providing solutions for autism and related disorders to children and their families. Through diet and nutritional consulting, nutritional interventions, conventional therapies such as home-based programs encompassing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), play therapy with special focus on speech and language, teacher training, parent training and counseling. We offer a comprehensive program tailored uniquely to each child to maximize his or her success and potential. We strive to demonstrate what was meant to be demonstrated--quod erat demonstradum.​ QED. 

Sara Iqbal

Founder and Principal

In the 2005 cover story by the San Francisco Chronicle on the journey of her and her son, Humza, UCSF pediatric specialist Dr. Alan Uba, M.D., said of Sara:

"You won't find a more dedicated parent than Mrs. Iqbal." 


Sara Iqbal is an internationally esteemed autism expert, instructor, and speaker.  She delivers lectures and provides workshops across the United States and abroad on behavioral intervention (e.g. home-based developmental and behavior modification programs), play therapy, and special dietary interventions as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. With over 20 years of experience in the field of autism therapies and interventions, Sara has helped thousands of children worldwide. She has led many to full, mainstreamed recovery while enhancing the quality of life for their families.  Her workshops and seminars are regularly attended by physicians, educational providers, and parents committed to witnessing every child reach his/her full potential. Additionally, she has principally founded international schools for children with special needs.

Sara works closely with the preeminent leading experts in the field of autism research, and when not presenting at international conferences herself, keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field.  She has devoted thousands of hours volunteering her expertise with children, their families, and organizations dedicated to finding a cure for autism. Her comprehensive program employs the best tried and tested strategies, tailored specifically to maximize benefit for each unique child.  Sara has formal training and vast experience in the following programs:

                                        -Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Discrete Training Trial.

                                        -Links to Language.

                                        -Play therapy with floor-time approach.

                                        -Linda Mood-Bell Speech and Language Program.

                                        -Relationship Development Intervention (RDI).

                                        -Neurofeedback Certification.

Since 1999 Sara has actively participated and presented in autism-related conferences like Defeat Autism Now! (DAN), and Autism One, and has been interviewed extensively by national and international media and documentaries.  

Sara is the mother of a healthy, recovered child who was presented at the annual Autism Research Institute conference as one of the first eight "fully recovered and mainstreamed" formerly-autistic children in the United States. She sets herself apart in the field with her story and with the relentless empathy and motivation she carries for families struggling with situations like hers.  She has spoken on radio programs, delivered lectures, and counseled families in order to connect directly at the personal, compassionate heart of every child's unique condition.




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