Our diligently tailored, specialized programs are mindful of the fact that every diagnosis is like every child: unique, and requiring of attentive care.



You are what you eat.  We implement the change.


 The special diets, which include (but are not limited to) gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) and specific carbohydrate diets, are a necessary aspect of any treatment program for autism and a myriad of related disorders.  We determine the specific dietary needs of your child and design meals and options to nourish your child's body. We help you establish the dietary interventions step by step with all the necessary support.  A healthy gut promotes a healthy mind--it's called "the second brain" for a reason.  


​Its integral unit: nutritional supplements.

Combining a thorough procedural assessment of your child's internal state and the research-backed, clinically-supported benefits and properties of a wide range of nutritional supplements, we meticulously design a supplement regimen for your child that will change and develop as your child does.   In addition, we offer counseling regarding a variety of other nutritional therapies that may suit your child's needs.


Collaboration: Parents, teachers, child.  


The implementation of a successful home program is an absolutely pivotal component of an autistic child's developmental and behavioral needs.  Our services cover assessment, goal development, implementation and supervision of a home program around Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) and other language-based programs, play therapy and social skill development. In-home teacher and parent training around developmental and behavioral interventions. We offer additional teaching seminars and workshops.


The word is: Synchronicity

​A crucial element of any successful care program is the combined participation of everyone involved with the child's care .  We make it our mission to listen to parents and incorporate their critical feedback into the development and implementation of a child's program.  In addition, the counseling that we offer serves to promote the facilitation of special dietary needs and the home program in a way that allows the whole family to adapt and get involved.  A pleasant song is one with melodies that fit into one another, and we believe the same synchronicity goes for the way everyone can work to ensure that our goals and actions align.




Below you will find a link to the Autism Research Institute's Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist.  We encourage you to complete this survey as you consider courses of action for your child.  We would be happy to discuss it with you should you have any questions, as the ATEC is the most basic preliminary mode of assessment before further evaluation.  


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